Computationally Intensive Imaging at the University of Southampton


The case for imaging in the 21st century being computationally-led is compelling: computation is a core element of virtually all major imaging developments. This group brings together a broad spectrum of world class imaging activities across the university.


The ability to exploit data processing/mining, visualisation, inverse modelling, large-scale computation and best practice in data handling produces fundamental changes in the information available, making computation a core element of virtually all major imaging developments.


Southampton is well placed in supporting this reality of contemporary imaging. Commonality is identifiable across the Southampton activities in terms of both their computationally intensive nature and interdisciplinarity.Imaging activities across the university encompass many different signal modalities, data processing methods, image processing approaches, visualisation and computational infrastructure. Application domains cover the clinical, biomedical, physical, environmental and engineering sciences, along with the humanities, addressing many societal priorities such as Energy, Health Technologies, Environmental Change, Crop Security and Ageing Societies. Our art gallery on this site gives an idea of the types of images created using computationally intensive imaging techniques, these were all on display at here at the University of Southampton at various exhibitions.

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